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I, along with many other makeup artists, offer my clients the option of doing touch-ups. This is basically staying behind for their photos (if it’s a wedding) to make sure, with everything going on, that makeup stays in place. Whether it’s dabbing or powdering a little unwanted shine, fix a little smudge from a tear that escaped or reapplying lipstick that may have disappeared with some lovings for the camera.

Magnolia Studios

I’ve got the memory of an elephant, sometimes a good thing but not always. Anyways, I digress. It’s also stuck with me from studying that applying makeup is only a small percentage of being a makeup artist. The remainder is maintaining it. Hence why I offer this option.

And even though I get the spend the majority of the day with my clients, staying behind for extra time and doing touchups let’s me share in little moments. Whether it’s holding or distracting/ entertaining little ones or sharing in a good laugh. It’s pretty special. Plus makeup stays on point.

However, sometimes clients prefer to do it themselves. So make sure to have your powders, including blush, your blotting paper and lipsticks handy to do some touching up.


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