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I’ll be honest from the get-go, I’m a little biased in this one, but I’ll do my best to compare flair lashes and strip lashes fairly.Regardless of which type of lashes you choose, they definitely complete a makeup look. When choosing between flairs and strips, it can be a little tricky. First it’s important to know what I mean when I call them that. Flairs are little clusters of lashes that can be put on individually on the lash line, strips are lashes that come in a full strip that you attach across the lash line.

Corynn Fowler Photography

Yes my preference is definitely the flair lashes. They stay in place really well and feel very light on the eyes. Some of my clients even forget that they have them on, literally within minutes. Whereas, the strips take a little bit of getting used to. Sometimes they can feel a bit heavy on the eyes but after a while you’ll be used to them. The only thing I’m not fussy about it that they can sometimes lift off on the edges which isn’t ideal for a night out.

I love that flairs look natural and like they are your own. Similar to that moment people are in awe of how long your lashes are, not knowing that they aren’t yours.

You can also add on more and more if you want a dramatic, fuller look. There are definitely some natural looking strip lashes but I’ve found overall they generally add a bit more drama to your look which is perfect if that’s what you’re going for.

I think one thing that intimidates people with flair lashes is putting them on. Don’t worry I was right there with ya! But as they say practise makes perfect! It’s a little tricky at first as it’s placing each cluster precisely, but once you get the correct angle and hang of it, you’ve got it!

No matter your preference, lashes do make a difference (positive one) in your makeup look!


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