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I’m asked a lot about what should be done before I arrive to apply makeup, so here are some quick prepping tips to help, whether you’re getting your makeup applied professionally or doing it yourself.

Photography: Bows & Lavender

1. It’s always best to have a clean, fresh face. So make sure to take off all remaining makeup – as much as you can.

2.If your event is during the day & outside, apply sunscreen to prevent getting burnt. The foundations I use have SPF in them already, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra protection.

3. You can also apply your preferred moisturizer beforehand, especially in dry conditions. If it’s humid, I tend to advise leaving moisturizer out as it can make you shine more quickly.

4. Try to keep away from cream/ gel products that could flake off. I don’t suggest applying anything other than sunscreen & moisturizer, as sometimes other products for tanning or face masks etc., will make applying foundation more difficult, as they can flake or bead off. When this happens, especially if I haven’t been told, it causes the process to take longer as I have to start again.

5. Facials: Unless you are used to facials and have them done frequently, I don’t suggest doing one right before your big day. Facials are great but sometimes they will bring out blemishes which you won’t want for your special occasion.

6. A main issue can be picking. If a client has a blemish, I advise for them not to pick it. If it scabs, it requires more makeup for coverage and can end up looking a little too “cakey” in that one spot. In addition, it’s better to cover up a smooth surface than one that’s rugged.

These are all quick and easy prepping tips to keep in mind, guaranteeing a great makeup application! x

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