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Makeup Trials

Scheduling a makeup trial with your potential, or already booked, makeup artist is SO important, especially for your wedding day or for a very special occasion.

There are so many things to do, to tick off your list while planning your wedding, it can be so overwhelming. Yes, it’s one more thing to schedule and figure out but once it’s figured, it ends up being that time on your day that you can sit & relax, feeling comfortable and confident, knowing your makeup will turn out, just as you have envisioned. And it might be the only time in the midst of it all that you can sit & focus on nothing, daydreaming of the magical moments ahead.

Bear & Sparrow Photography

Most brides have an idea of what makeup look they want to go for, however, a trial tends to determine it all. They will either love it or change it entirely to suit them better. This is another huge reason why trials are so important. It’s better to get “the look” done with perfection on the wedding day than making tonnes of changes. At the trial you can make all the changes you want & also get input, advice & suggestions from your artist, until it’s perfect.

Williamson Photography

I consider each makeup artist to have their own sense of style & way of applying makeup. We all have our own tricks & favourite products. That being said, having a makeup trial helps a bride and even mother-of-the-bride, determine if that makeup artist matches their wants, needs & own style. You can usually see an artist’s style in their portfolio/ website, making the decision a bit easier. In addition,  I think it’s very important to have someone whose personality meshes with yours. Your makeup artist, aswell as your hair stylist are two people who are going to spend the most of your day (at least the majority of “the getting ready” part) with you.

I highly suggest booking your trial in advance and also schedule it so that you have an event to go to. That way, it doesn’t go to waste and you can also see the longevity of your makeup & can even make some more changes, if you want, before the big day arrives.


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