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I’ve been a part of countless weddings, obviously including my own and have taken in a few things I wish I did at mine or wish others would do at theirs. A lot of brides ask me if I have any advice at all, what would it be? I am no pro, but just from observations here are a few tips for your day.

Photography: Sofie Warren

EMBRACE IT. I know you want to control everything on YOUR day, afterall, it’s about you and your beau, but if there’s one thing you can not control, it’s the weather. It’s something you can not worry or stress about, because there’s nothing you can do but have your plan B & embrace it! Sometimes if it’s not the sunniest it can create an atmosphere that’s cozy, mystical & whimsical. Who knows?! Maybe your photographer might be down for some “Notebook”-inspired photos.

TAKE IT ALL IN. I remember I was told this and at the time, in the moment, with nerves, it kind of went over my head. I do remember a lot of our day but it’s also a bit of a blur. It goes so quickly and there’s a lot going on, it can overwhelm you. Stop before walking down the aisle and take a look around at the people, the decor, feel the atmosphere and take it all in. EVERY. MOMENT. Do this throughout the night.

Corynn Fowler Photography

DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Remember what the occasion is about. I know, we all want it to be so beautiful and we all put a lot of planning into our weddings that we sometimes forget what it’s all about. It’s not about the colour of the table cloths & napkins (don’t get me wrong, your vision is yours). Yes weddings bring out the best and the worst in people, I know. There will always be one or a couple of people who think it’s about them, cus’ they think everything is. But remember, it’s about YOU and YOUR FIANCE. It’s about the two of you joining lives and about your love. Don’t let anything take away from that.

EVERYTHING WILL GO ACCORDINGLY. I know you want everything to run on time, to the second. But try to remember that you also have to enjoy your day. Enjoy your time with your girls or guys. Enjoy being pampered. Enjoy that glass of champagne – or two. Enjoy your photos. Don’t rush the process of getting into your dress – this will happen only once for a lot of us. Once you have and know the vendors hired, whether it’s your co-ordinator, hair stylist, makeup artist etc., leave it in their hands. If any of them start to run a little behind, trust that they are going to do their best to catch back up and generally will. If this is something you’re pretty OCD about, maybe suggest starting an hour earlier, so you know you’re guaranteed to finish the getting ready part with plenty of time to spare.

EAT. Remember to eat before your ceremony, even if it’s something plain, like toast. None of us want you fainting or sometimes worse, hangry. But also remember to eat at your reception. Remember all those canapés & desserts that your specifically selected? Probably some of your faves? Make sure you grab some or have someone keep a plate aside for you and your now hubby. I’ve heard so many brides say that they regret not getting to eat on their day. Make sure to try everything that you two chose for this day cus’ if you wait too long, it might be gone because of it’s deliciousness!

May your day be as magical and whimsical as you! x

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